How to get to Mongolia

Plan A
1, Book Sleep bus ticket from Beijing to Erenhot
2, Pick you up from the hostel you stay in Beijing, take you to the sleep bus to Erenhot.
3, pick you up in Erenhot and across the border to Zam uud with local bus.
4,hostel reservation in Ulaan Baatar with free pick up.
Total 610RMB

Plan B
In peak season its hard to get the train ticket to Mongolia for us also.(between july and Sep.)
but if you make the reservation one month in advance,we can buy the train ticket for you.
1,Book sleeper train ticket from Beijing to Ulaan Baatar.
Hard sleeper: Mongolia train 670RMB
Chinese Train 580RMB

Plan C
1,book the air ticket from Tianjing to Ulaan Baatar
2,Pick you up from your hostel in Beijing with seat bus, sent you to Tianjing airport .
1600RMB including pick up, (transportation to airport 1 hour by VIP bus)and tax
From Beijing to Ulaan Baatar is 2400RMB

Mongolia Visa
We can help you get the visa to Mongolia in 48 hours.
Cost 650 RMB

How to get to Hohhot Inner Mongolia?
We can help you get the sleeper train ticket or VIP bus ticket to Hohhot Inner Mongolia
Hard Sleeper cost: 170 RMB
Soft Sleeper cost: 260RMB
VIP bus ticket: 150 RMB
The Commission of each ticket: 50RMB

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