Good news for fans of Steam locomotive

Steam locomotives are no longer operating in China - at least not for the purpose of transport in the major rail way. The Inner Mongolia Jitong Line, connecting Jining to Tongliao, was where the last steam locomotive moved people and freight. And, the annual International Tourism and Photography Festival of Steam Locomotives have been celebrated in Hexigten Banner since 2007.
Located at the intersection of the Great Xing’an Mountains and Yanshan Mountains, the Hexigten Banner section of Jitong Line, especially the Jingpeng - Renshui section, features dramatic landforms with steep slopes and many turns, tunnels and bridges. Here the locomotives run slowly and exhale great plumes of steam. The land and the machine form terrific images; and so this section is most popular with photographers. Visiting here to shoot photographs from 1996 to 2005 were more than 1,500 locomotive fans from over 20 countries, including Germany, France, the US, Japan and Netherlands.

Hexigten Banner train 2enjoys a reputation as the “Golden Triangle beyond the Great Wall.” Here are the beautiful and vast Gongge’er grassland, Huanggangliang icy valley and forest, Huanggang peak, the highest peak of the Great Xing’an Mountains, Dalinor Lake (home to various species of birds), and Haolai River, the narrowest river in the world. Visitors enjoy the hot springs, Arsihaty Stone Forests, Qingshan glacial mortar and a “biologic gene pool” - spruce in the sandy land. Hexigten Banner is also known as the “Concentrated Inner Mongolia,” in that it possesses almost all the landforms typical to Inner Mongolia. Comprised here are grasslands, sandy lands, forests, lakes, volcanoes, hot spring and wetland.

The International Tourism and Photography Festival 2008: from 28th of December to 2nd of January 2

And we can go to Yuanbaoshan and Pingzhuang (about 200km from Jingpeng) to see some steam locomotives are carrying coal and workers every day as well.

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