B: Two Day Grassland Trekking Tour

Day 1

In the morning, depart from Hohhot at 9:00am and go by mini bus to visit a Mongolian herdsman and his family for a traditional Mongolian lunch. In the afternoon, you can enjoy horseback riding (150 RMB/hour) or take a walk to visit Aoyoo Hill. In the evening, a traditional Mongolian feast will be served. After taking in the sunset, spend the night in a Mongolian yurt (ger).

Day 2
Get up early to watch the sunrise over the grassland. After breakfast, trek to a nearby lake to take in the natural scenery. Walk back to the Mongolian family to say goodbye, and then return to Hohhot by mini bus.

Price: : 440 RMB/person; (transportation, meals, and one night in yurt provided)


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